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Florida Regulatory and Compliance Attorneys


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Tampa Regulatory & Compliance Attorneys 

Frequently, physicians and other professionals are called upon to respond to consumer or regulatory complaints.  Professional Boards that govern certain industries, and the licensing involved in those industries, are becoming increasingly more aggressive. Assuming that an administrative law matter is not as severe as a criminal law matter is a common, yet very dangerous error. These actions are investigated, and sometimes prosecuted by state and Federal agencies.  


Sisco-Law has successfully defended Agency actions before Administrative Law Judges with the Florida Division of Administrative Hearings and Federal agencies, including the DEA. We respond to their actions in-kind, with dedication and diligence, in an effort to even the playing field. The Tampa administrative law attorneys at Sisco Law are deeply experienced and defend licensed professionals and businesses throughout Florida.

Our Regulatory & Compliance Practice Areas Include

Board Investigations & Hearings


Monetary fine

License suspension

License revocation

License Defense

Arrests & Convictions


Medical License Defense

Nursing License Defense

Sexual Misconduct

Substance Abuse & Diversion

Unprofessional Conduct

Reporting Requirements

Medicare Appeals


Audits & Investigations

Diversion & Substance Abuse

Exclusions & Reinstatement OIG

Investigations by Boards & Government Agencies

License Denial Appeals

Petitions for Early Termination of Probation

Petitions for Modification

Petitions for Reinstatement

Medicare Provider Reimbursement & Overpayments

Temporary & Interim Suspensions


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