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Tampa Alternative Dispute Resolution
Affordable Civil Litigation Attorney Tampa

Mediation and/or Arbitration:  
Cost-Effective Solutions for Complex Disputes

The Tampa alternative dispute resolution lawyers at Sisco Law firm are experienced at working with parties to evaluate risk and resolve cases to eliminate the uncertainty  of trial. Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) includes mediation and/or arbitration, and it is an efficient and effective approach to resolving disputes before suit or before trial. 
The terms “arbitration” and “mediation” are sometimes used interchangeably, but in reality, they have very different approaches and outcomes. In a mediation, the process is somewhat informal and the mediator facilitates the discussion of possible solutions between the disputing parties with the goal of having the parties  come to an agreement on the issues in dispute. Arbitration is a more formal process involving the presentation of evidence by the parties with a final decision made by the arbitrator.  Arbitration can be binding or non-binding. 

Tampa's Experienced Alternative Dispute Resolution Attorneys 
ADR is a sophisticated and narrow practice focused on cost-effective solutions for complex problems. The attorneys at Sisco Law bring experience and a reputation for creativity and tenacity to matters involving both federal and local law, and handle local, national and international disputes.

Most cases are resolved prior to a trial because negotiated settlements avoid the uncertainty, anxiety and costs associated with trial. We resolve cases in these alternative dispute resolution forums by using our extensive litigation experience to provide parties with information they need in order to evaluate the risk of proceeding to trial. 

Property and Community Association Disputes

Automobile Negligence

Business, Contract, and Collection Disputes

Insurance Claims

Labor, Employment and Civil Rights

Product Liability

Medical Malpractice and Long-Term Care matters

Personal Injury

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