Practice Areas

The attorneys at Sisco-Law have significant experience in a variety of practice areas.  This diverse experience provides clients with a firm that can provide quality representation in and out of the courtroom.
Civil Litigation


A wealth of trial experience permits Sisco-Law to provide clients with an early evaluation of claims and a plan for achieving the desired result.  Dale Sisco has tried to verdict cases ranging from automobile negligence to medical malpractice. 





Mr. Sisco devotes a significant portion of his practice to alternative dispute resolution via mediation and arbitration,  He has been certified as a circuit court mediator since 2002.  Mr. Sisco is also an approved mediator in the United States District Court for the Middle District of Florida.


In addition to mediation, Mr. Sisco is a certified arbitrator.  He has extensive experience in the arbitration of medical malpractice and long term care claims.


Criminal Law

Mr. Sisco is a former prosecutors

with a wealth of experience in

all types of criminal cases, from

DUI to Drug Trafficking.

Because of his experience representing physicians, pharmacists and other health professionals in malpractice and administrative licensure matters, Dale Sisco frequently defends health care professionals in criminal investigations and trials.


Administrative Law

C​ivil and/or criminal charges against professionals often result in the initiation of administrative licensure actions.  Sisco-Law has represented physicians, pharmacists, accountants and attorneys in adminstrative licensure actions.


Sisco-Law has signifcant experience representing DEA registrants who have become subject to Immediate Suspension Orders and/or Orders to Show Cause. 



Sisco-Law and its staff have developed a series of compliance programs for businesses involved in highly regulated fields.  

Product Liability

Sisco-Law and its lawyers have represented both manufacturers and consumers in product liability litigation in automobile, medical product, construction product and food product liability cases.