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Successful Wrongful Death Defense Win for Sisco-Law in Long-Term Care Case

Nursing Home Arbitration results in Defense Award

SISCO-LAW Successfully Defends Long Term Care Case

Dale Sisco successfully defended a Florida skilled nursing facility in a wrongful death defense for a negligence action in a JAMS arbitration. Plaintiff alleged the licensee and its management company placed "profits before people" by failing to adjust staffing levels to meet the needs of residents. Not only were these allegations disproved, but the Arbitrator rejected claims the facility fraudulently altered records, failed to adequately respond to changes in condition and permitted the resident to become malnourished and dehydrated.

Sisco-Law presented evidence demonstrating the resident's significant pre-existing medical diagnoses of COPD, morbid obesity, incontinence, epigastric stricture and abnormal labs. The defense eliminated each of the alleged claims through medical records, expert testimony and demonstrative exhibits.

A Motion to Tax Costs is pending.

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