Mediation and arbitration services are provided at the rate of $400 per hour for a two party mediation, to be divided equally between each party, unless you agree otherwise before or during the mediation or arbitration.  Rates for mediations involving more than two parties are billed at a graduated rate. 

Time will be charged for review of pre-mediation submissions, telephone or personal conferences, time spent in the mediation or arbitration itself (three (3) hours minimum), and any post-mediation services requested.

If you cancel the mediation less than three (3) days before the date of the scheduled mediation, the late cancellation fee will be $1000.00, which will be prorated to the attorneys equally.

Following the mediation an invoice will be faxed to each party for their share of the mediation fee.


Mediation and arbitration may be coordinated directly with Mr. Sisco or through his assistant, Blanca Munoz (

Video Mediation

Sisco-Law has the capability of hosting mediations and arbitrations on a variety of videoconference platforms, including Zoom, Cisco Webex and Microsoft Teams.

Presentation Equipment

We have a variety of presentation equipment available for use during your mediation or arbitration.  Contact Mr. Sisco directly to arrange for the use of our ELMO video presenter; videoconferencing; Flat screen televisions; projectors; and display screens.